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BI Development Solutions

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You can rely on our Business Intelligence consultant to get the advantage of current trends, significant and relevant insights that carry your company into the next step.

By starting from scratch, your company will develop with your own BI Dashboards that our experts build in a detailed way.

Growth Art will provide you with plenty of easy-to-implement Dashboards that speed the growing process by building diverse deep strategies for your business.


Due to a dynamic corporate environment and increasing competitive pressure, extended approaches of BI are moving into the focus of companies. The demand for a self-service BI solution is getting louder.

Embedded analytics is an integrated analysis tool in business applications. With this approach, the data of a system can be evaluated directly without using a DWH.

The aim of predictive analytics is to ensure that developments in key figures are statistically pre-calculated.

Operational business intelligence is primarily aimed at employees who have customer contact and who need up-to-date data for their tasks, such as call centre employees.

With Operational BI, the analysis can take place at the same time as the business data is processed. Problems can thus be identified and solved faster than is possible with conventional business intelligence approaches that are based on downstream analysis.

In this sense, it is an important part of any operational BI project to identify those users who always need the latest data for BI purposes and how to make this data available to them.

Regular visibility into the company’s financial statistics.

Control company’s revenue, expenses and profitability.

Financial risk anticipation and strategies.

Budget structure, shaping long-period company strategies.


A strategic dashboard is a significant tool that we use for reporting and operating comprehensive business strategies with the support of critical achievement factors. They’re mainly complicated in their construction, deliver an enterprise-wide influence to a company, and are usually preferred by senior-level administration.

  • Management Strategic Dashboard
  • CMO Strategic Dashboard
  • SaaS Management Dashboard
  • CFO Dashboard for Strategic Planning
  • Sales KPI dashboard

This kind of dashboard is used for operating organisations that should be done in a short period. These dashboards are directed by junior levels of administration because operational dashboards focus on controlling those processes.

  • Marketing Operational Dashboard
  • Manufacturing Production Dashboard
  • Pick and Pack Operational Dashboard for Logistics
  • Customer Service Operational Metrics Dashboard

This kind of dashboard consists of a number of data that is built with the help of necessary analysis to serve as support. Analytical dashboards transform your company’s growing process with the help of a comprehensive outline of data sources.

  • Financial Performance Dashboard
  • Procurement Cost Dashboard
  • Healthcare Analytical Dashboard for Patients
  • Analytical Retail KPI Dashboard
  • KPI Analytical Dashboard for FMCG Industry

A tactical dashboard is suitable particularly in the examination and monitoring of steps operated by middle-level administration, highlighting the analysis. Afterwards, an event efficiently controls the performance of a business’ aim and provide analytic anticipations for the upcoming process.

  • IT Project Management Dashboard
  • Energy Management Tactical Dashboard
  • Human Resources Talent Management Dashboard
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Supply Chain Management Tactical Dashboard

How it works?

We, as Growth Art found company needs, analysed data resources and received conditions for the final client reports. Our analysis expert builds a concrete structure on the software, forecasts process frames and creates a BI system.

While BI solutions are improved by us, the validation of results after deployment and the optimisation of software work is provided by Growth Art. A flexible structure that is built by us offers lifecycle administration and maintenance.

Growth Art controls big data at diverse levels and then supports and sustains a deployed way for the solution. Flexible structure enables upcoming developments without compromising deployed results and found steps.



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