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Growth Art is a custom software development company with a solid technical background and a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges. We’ve supplied the most efficient custom solutions from scratch for UK and European clients, including startups and growing companies.

We ensure that your ideas and requirements turn into actionable products ready to take the market by storm.


This service includes elements of analysis, architecture, design, development and test of Data Warehouse and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions using a variety of Data Warehouse and ETL techniques and toolsets, mainly Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SS’S), Oracle Data Integrator (0D1), IBM Data Stage, SAP Data Services.

We deliver great technical support for our customers to provide up-to-date IT services of their company by helping them in recreating their actual legacy implementations, carrying data to the cloud, and upgrading to an innovative advanced technology background.

A full scale of UI and UX services have many diverse aspects from client experience research and analysis to creating all kinds of client interactions. Our UX experts and UI designers offer a full-stack service to improve your businesses and your product engagement and transform new ideas into brilliant successes.

We provide a whole web development package including the cutting-edge technical background that enables you to transform brilliant ideas into options to bring the most beneficial value to your company. Get the advantage of our expertise on the technical side to create web strategies and offer them to the industry as fast as possible in a safe way.

We build top-notch mobile applications to meet our clients’ requirements and deliver a stunning customer impression. Get the benefits of native iOS and Android apps, as well as Flutter or hybrid mobile apps created by Growth Art’s experts on mobile software.

Growth Art offers the financial services industry operation risk rates and unlocks Big Data’s capacity– with the latest analytic strategies, Machine Learning and more.

How it works?

We begin by operating closely with the customer to figure out the idea and found brilliant objectives. Growth Art Digital delivers an expert consultant who initiates a deep interaction with the key stakeholders of diverse projects on your company. Together, our expert analyses every insight of the task to create the software to suit the aim clients and reach company goals.

This level consists of the active cooperation of a company analyst and consultant on this speciality. Together, they clarify the identity and map needs for each improvement step and point out the task’s suitable technical stack.

The solution consultant sorts out how the custom software is created and the working process and aligns it with the customer’s requirements and wills. At the end of this step, we deliver the design concept for upcoming validation and confirmation. The feedback on the positive side delivers that the service is continuous with the task’s needs.

Upcoming the best performing strategies of Agile methodology, we build the solution day by day. Vast experience enables us to transform the task by fragmenting it into easy-to-implementing chunks and finding a consistent improvement step. Our expert focus on iterations, or sprints, to provide new qualifications as clarified by the functional points.

Growth Art opts for suitable testing methods and insights to ensure that the whole task operates as it should. We found an innovative testing tactic to implement critical task steps, detect bugs, and solve possible code errors. Mature QA strategies allow full capacity with significant quality frames and client wills.

We create and share with you the software in the industry and fix necessary problems. Our cooperation doesn’t pause at that stage; we deliver whole-stack support and maintenance based on advanced technical specifications.



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