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Industry: Beauty

Category: Performance Marketing

6 Digits in 6 Months!


Conversion Rate






Conversion Rate






The beauty products supplier company, which is willing to convey the success in the sales of products to the retail e-commerce industry, cooperated with Growth Art after a process that it could not get the desired outcomes with a few different companies.


Due to its strong passion to continue its high potential and local success in the retail e-commerce field, the company was willing to gain new customers and increase its sale success and ROI despite the industry consisting of the competitor.

We as Growth Art were aware of the existence of a big competency in the online beauty industry. There should have been a specific digital marketing strategy to be successful.

We have implemented a bespoke digital marketing strategy to meet these requirements with our expert team.


Our primary focus has always been on acquiring more traffic with a high conversion rate and profitability. Continually we have followed countless test tactics on the different ROIs and resulting revenue to define which rates maximise benefits and extremely drive industry share.

Our advertising and marketing experts started the process with competitor and market analysis. These analyses were always our key points for the process of shaping stunning marketing campaigns.

First of all, we got started with Google Shopping and DSA campaigns and then carried on optimising our campaigns in particular series by analysing the feedback we received in the short term.

At the end of such a short time like 6 months, we got the harvest of our hard work as Growth Art by collecting a success rate well above the industry average and the expectations of the company. The Conversion Rate increased by 480% from 2.5% which is the industry average to the 12% Conversion Rate. It was an unbelievably great result by rising the ROAS from the industry average of 2x to an astronomical 9x.

We carried our customer base, the website traffic and brand awareness to unexpectedly successful levels by supporting relevant Google campaigns such as Shopping, Search, Display, and Discovery.  In the harmony performance marketing strategy we preferred using the Facebook catalogue and Instagram video ads.

In the essence of performance marketing, remarketing is the inevitable part of increasing ROIs. The information from our customer data platform (CDP) to feed each campaign was extremely useful to get visible results.  

We have followed a quite different approach from our competitors that is why we can offer unbelievable great development to this company. We did not approach the digital side of the business not only as a retail e-commerce site but also as a beauty startup and implemented a digital transformation project (*). As Growth Art, we have made a website that presents innovative services quite apart from its competitors.

The significant thing is to increase the sales as well as to expand the customer database and then make these customers loyal. We grew our customer database by 20% on average every month with the tactics and performance marketing approaches we operated.


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