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Industry: Beauty

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The beauty products supplier company, which is willing to convey the success in the sales of products to the retail e-commerce industry, cooperated with Growth Art after a process that it could not get the desired outcomes with a few different companies.


Due to the highly competitive atmosphere in the e-commerce market of the beauty and hair care industry, it is not effortless for the customers who are willing to be included in this platform to receive high-quality traffic and income from organic potential. Rival brands have already obtained quite good SEO performance with their top-quality content and they have carried this performance to the next level day by day.

Our competitors were both well-known exclusive brands and retail e-commerce sites. When we gave a start to the working process with our client, the website was in lack of original content in terms of SEO and product pages. To be included in the highly competitive market, a good SEO strategy had to be embraced and a tactical guideline for content marketing had to be followed.


Competitor and Industry Analysis in Organic Perspective: First of all, we got started with SEO studies with rivals and industry analysis. In this way, we tried to get to know the products we are trying to market, as well as the rivals and the beauty industry. At the same time, we explored the risky circumstances and practical conveniences of ranking high in search results. We observed what kind of strategies the competitors are following. We have given huge importance to benchmarking throughout our working process, especially by defining 4-5 rival brands and e-commerce retails.

Target Customers and Keyword Analysis: By using ideal strategies from our exclusive SEO tools, we realized how our target customers searched for the products we have and which word combinations they mostly preferred. With the help of this tactic, we analyzed the keywords they used for purchasing purposes and the words they used for information purposes. Thus we understood both the words we will use on the product and collection pages and which topics we should prioritize when writing a blog.

Website SEO Audit: After observation of the market, rivals, target customers and search behaviours, we started to take action on our website in this direction. First of all, we observed the general SEO health status of the website to define shortcomings that reduce our SEO success. Then we generated a simple SEO improvement report which contains the optimization of SEO tags such as meta title and description, creation of SEO friendly URLs as well as control of tags such as canonical, index, follow, sitemap and robots.txt work, HTTPS supply, 301 and 404 controls. Also, we forwarded IT and CMS to the brand.

Content Progression: We have made a fruitful plan to produce high-quality and original content for the product pages in line with the search trends of the potential customers. With our keyword studies, our content writers have created product content of at least 1000 words, where the customers can get comprehensive information about the products, and this content has been uploaded to the site. After entering good quality content into the product content, SEO and content optimization studies were carried out on the category pages. While these studies are carried out, the heading labelling scheme has also been paid attention to.

Blog Studies: We have discovered that the trends in organic informational searches in the beauty market are also quite significant. Therefore, it would be a remarkable loss to ignore the blog posts. We have chosen to publish content with our content writers every month according to the tendency of the customers.

Backlink: We have produced a huge rise in search engine optimization with backlink studies, especially for our product pages that are likely to appear in the first place. We tried to increase the credibility before Google by linking to the products via anchor text using the hyperlink method for strategic keywords.

Reporting: We tried to see the influence of our studies with regular reporting. Thanks to these reports, we have also determined the course of the next steps.


After the studies, we begin to get positive results in organic data in only 5 months. We achieved a remarkable rise of 308% in our organic revenue and 233% in traffic. By turning organic into a new sales and advertising channel, we had the opportunity to reach new clients and users, and the rate of rising in new users was 250%.

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