What is Digital Marketing?


Performance-based Advertising

Performance marketing campaigns can effectively increase visitor numbers and generate new sales. Based on data analysis, tailor-made means of communication are used that encourage target groups to visit certain landing pages and ideally also to make purchases or inquiries. The main aim is to measure the success of the marketing measures used, such as SEO, SEA or SEM, and to optimize campaigns in such a way that they achieve the desired indicators such as more traffic or clicks. Successful companies not only sell their products to customers once but also build a long-term relationship with them and generate strong customer loyalty. The most important performance marketing measures are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Social media marketing

Become Accessible With SEO

SEO ensures that users find your website and at the same time the essential number of visitors increases. In addition, your website content is optimized with SEO, which in turn means that search engines rate your website better, list it higher up, and thus make it easier for people to find it.

Qualified Visitors: Only certain key terms are entered into the search engine by users. So that your website also appears for people who are interested in your website or your products/services.

Sustainability: Search engine optimization (SEO) has a lasting effect. SEO is much cheaper than paying monthly for ad placements.

Cost-Effectiveness: Search engine optimization is a cost-effective marketing measure. It is explicitly aimed at addressing internet users who are already interested in your product or service.

Brand Awareness: SEO brings your brand very far. If your website is listed in the top ten search results, on the one hand, the trust in your brand increases, and, on the other hand, the level of awareness of your product or service automatically increases.

Budget Friendly Online Marketing: SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most successful and popular forms of online marketing. The great advantage of search engine marketing lies in the fact that the desired results can be achieved quickly. SEM places ads in search results for selected keywords. If these are subsequently clicked on by the user, costs arise, which is why such campaigns are often also called PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns. The price that has to be paid to the search engine per click depends, among other things, on the click bid and the density of competitors. In highly competitive industries, this can quickly result in high costs that are no longer concerning the output.

Growth Art Limited gets more out of an SEM campaign for you because we not only create your campaign conscientiously and carefully but also optimize it on an ongoing basis. Benefits of search engine marketing:

  • Fast and reliable results with full cost control
  • More visibility, reach, and attention in search results
  • More traffic and higher sales

A Practical Way To Address The Visitors: Remarketing

With remarketing (or retargeting) you can target the visitors again. You remind them of your product or service at another location and ideally convince them to buy.

To do this, your website must first be provided with a small snippet of code, with a so-called “tag”. If a new visitor comes to your site, information is saved in a cookie. You can use this information to create an automated list of all users who, for example, have visited your website without buying anything. You can then address the users on this list (or the target group) again in a very targeted manner.

The biggest advantage of remarketing: you can target users who have already come into contact with your brand or product again. Even though the person has already left your website, you still have the chance to convince them of yourself. The Google and Facebook advertising networks in particular are ideal for remarketing. The search engine giant and the popular social media platform are now part of the everyday life of your target group.

Take the opportunity to address the visitors of your website again specifically outside of your site. With a little sure instinct and know-how, you can bring them back to your website or your shop and encourage them to buy your products. Remarketing is an important step in online marketing that can increase your customer loyalty, your awareness, and your sales figures. Especially for webshop operators, it is worthwhile to deal with the topic of remarketing more extensively or to seek professional advice.

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